How to Treat E.D. Fast

When symptoms of E.D. show up, there’s no time to waste with slow pills. Treating E.D. with melts is a fast and easy way to get to where you want to be when you want to be there.

Published on
May 10, 2023
Dr. Tyler Hendricks, MD
Medical Contributor
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They say the best things in life come when you least  expect them. That can apply to intimate moments. We’ve all been there.


If you experience symptoms of ED or Sexual Performance Anxiety (SPA), you will prefer something that kicks in as soon as possible  for these moments.




Oral pharmaceutical medications

1. Rugiet Ready

2. Sildenafil (Viagra)

3. Avanafil (Stendra)

4. Trimix Injections

Left to right: bright blue Rugiet Ready melt, blue sildenafil pills in a diamond like shape, round yellow avanafil pills with a horizontal line through each pill, a brown glass bottle of Trimix solution with a white label and red and grey top.
From left to right: Rugiet Ready, sildenafil, avanafil, Trimix.

These oral treatments will help improve circulation of  blood in the shortest amount of time before opting for something more  invasive like injections. Some of these options do even more for the erection  cascade.




Rugiet Ready treats E.D. up to 5X faster than pills and  chewable E.D. treatments. That’s because it’s a triple ingredient treatment  that comes in the form of a sublingual mint-flavored melt.

The sublingual melt dissolves under the tongue, where the  medicine directly enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes, bypassing the liver and digestive system. This means that onset time will not  be delayed by food intake.

Rugiet Ready also contains sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil  (Cialis) and APO (a dopamine promoter). Tadalafil is known to last up to 36  hours at-will or upon arousal. That means it’s both fast acting and long  lasting. APO primes the brain for arousal by acting on the dopamine receptors  in the parts of the brain associated with sexual function. Arousal is a key  part of the erection cascade.




Traditionally, sildenafil (Viagra) has been the go-to for about 25 years. It’s a vasodilator that promotes blood flow. When taken in  pill form, it takes about 30-60 minutes to kick in. If you had a large meal,  results may be delayed.  

Its effects only last up to 4 hours, depending on dose  strength and food intake.

In chewable form, it’s about the same amount of time to  onset to action. The taste of sildenafil in chew form isn’t easy to mask, so  you’re left with bitterness.  

PK chart depicting the onset to action and duration of sildenafil at 100mg. Sourced from the FDA website.


Avanafil, also known as Stendra, is another PDE5  inhibitor. It’s a bit faster to onset than sildenafil, but it does not last  as long as sildenafil does. In pill form, there can be a delayed onset to  action with food intake as well.

PK Chart depicting the onset and duration of Stendra for 50mg and 200mg. Sourced from the FDA website.



Trimix is an injectable compounded medication containing 3  ingredients in various ratios. Those ingredients are: phentolamine,  papaverine and alprostadil.  

Although this method is arguably faster than oral  medications, it is also considerably more invasive. However, if oral  medications do not produce the desired effects, this is a great option for treating E.D. fast.

In combination with healthy lifestyle choices, such as a  diet and exercise, treating E.D. fast is possible.  

Remember, there is no magic cure for E.D. that can be guaranteed for all who try, but it cannot hurt to make the effort to improve your chances of success with the above-mentioned treatments.

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