How Does Apomorphine Treat E.D.?

Apomorphine (APO) is the third ingredient in Rugiet Ready. It’s a dopamine promoter that primes the parts of the brain associated with sexual function for arousal. Find out why many are calling it a “game changer” in E.D. treatment.

Published on
May 20, 2023
Dr. Vipul Khanpara, MD
Chief Medical Officer & Medical Contributor for Rugiet Health
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APO, short for apomorphine, is a dopamine promoter.

Don’t worry, even though it has the word "morphine" in it, it is not a narcotic pain medication. Dopamine promoters are also known as dopamine agonists. Dopamine is a naturally occurring “feel-good” hormone, and when you’re feeling good, getting aroused becomes easier.

You may have heard of dopamine before. It’s a neurotransmitter that is released when you’re expecting reward. Your brain can even produce it in anticipation for something that you associate with pleasure. APO works by activating the dopamine receptors in the parts of your brain associated with sexual function, getting you primed for sexual arousal.

Why are we using APO in Rugiet Ready?

Sildenafil and tadalafil are PDE5 inhibitors that help with the vascular mechanics of achieving an erection. As vasodilators, they work by dilating blood vessels, so that blood can reach the penis. Although they do a great job at that, PDE5 inhibitors are only effective when you are aroused. If you are having trouble getting aroused, even despite taking PDE5 inhibitors, an erection still may not happen at all. If getting erect somehow happens anyway, then the quality of the erection might feel more mechanical and less genuine.

The euphoria that comes with an intrinsically-motivated erection is unbeatable. So, we asked ourselves: what pharmaceutical ingredient can we add to help prime the brain for sexual arousal as a way of treating E.D.?

APO was the no-contest, obvious choice for the brains behind Rugiet Ready. Other ingredients that different companies offer, such as oxytocin, were considered, but the evidence supporting use in treatment of E.D. wasn’t convincing enough for us to put our name to.

APO, on the other hand, is currently being prescribed in Europe for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The fact that it’s already being confidently relied upon as treatment for E.D. was a huge factor in Rugiet Health’s decision to include APO.

This move paid off for thousands of those seeking another level of E.D. treatment.

“Had tried Cialis and Viagra, and neither worked well, but the high dose of Rugiet worked! It worked well enough for 2nd and 3rd day performance. Pretty cheap for 3 days of fun.”
–Jonathan P. 

The amount of APO in Rugiet Ready does not exceed 3mg, and since Rugiet Ready is not intended to be a daily medication, it will not cause dopamine exhaustion. We have your back. Even so, it’s important to be thorough with your doctor when disclosing your medical history and current medications to see if APO is right for you. Due to the customizable nature of Rugiet Ready, it’s possible for your Rugiet doctor to remove it out of your formula if necessary. 

APO & The Future

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to us, or the thousands of active Rugiet Ready members, if APO becomes a household name when it comes to treating E.D. Every day, we get write-ins from folks telling us about the fantastic difference it makes.

“ I did the medium dose—The APO is what turns the whole army loose brotha! Rugiet nailed the chemistry.”
-Damien A.

Rugiet Health makes treatments that go above and beyond the bare minimum. It’s how we continue to raise the bar in the name of customizing and optimizing medicine on an individual basis. Hopefully, the rest of the pharmaceutical world will follow in our footsteps. For now, we are happy to take the lead in carving that path for those of us who want to experience the next level of E.D. treatment.

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