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Rugiet Ready is more than an E.D. treatment.
It's a movement.

As a movement, Rugiet Ready aims to motivate men to call the shots when it comes to their personal health.

It can be difficult for men to make these moves, even when serious health matters are on the line.

The good news is more and more men are joining the Rugiet Ready movement to speak freely about their health concerns. More importantly, we are seeing a rise in action to seek solutions and address those concerns.

For those of us who want a little more information before choosing a treatment, the Rugiet Ready blog serves as a great resource.

Please note, this blog is not intended to replace any medical consultation with a professional. Health concerns should always be brought up with your medical provider.

In this blog, you can learn about Rugiet Ready, erectile dysfunction, comorbid conditions, treatment options, and more.

All materials are brought to you by experts on Rugiet Ready and sexual health, as well as real people who share their own stories for others to learn from.

Blog Authors

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Deborah Rod

Editor & Contributor for Rugiet Health

Deborah has a background in journalism, as well as 10+ years experience in a variety of customer-centric fields including luxury hospitality and non-profits.

It’s an honor to be a part of a team that is tackling the need for change in a space that has been neglected for so long. The market is saturated with the same-old treatments and enforced by debilitating stigma. Rugiet Health is rejecting the stigma by making the treatment process enjoyable. My favorite part of the job is seeing people's relationships strengthen. It's a beautiful thing.
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Dr. Vipul Khanpara, MD

Chief Medical Officer & Medical Contributor for Rugiet Health

Dr. Vipul Khanpara is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician with 16+ years of experience in clinical practice. Dr. Khanpara is regularly called upon as an expert medical contributor on the topic of men’s sexual health in a variety of popular publications, including Men’s Health Magazine. He is fluent in the language Gujarati and practices out of Michigan.

I genuinely feel that Rugiet Health has developed a revolutionary treatment for E.D. in Rugiet Ready. Being able to help men overcome their struggles with E.D. and develop stronger relationships with their partners, while at the same time striving to remove the stigma that has become associated with E.D., is something that I have become very passionate about.
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Kelsey Bair

Contributor for Rugiet Health

Kelsey Bair is an educational storyteller focused on individual and community wellness. With 10+ years of experience in graphic design and copywriting, Kelsey's informed and engaging approach concentrates on bringing readers a range of themes including sexual health and lifestyle trends.

It’s such a joy working with the Rugiet Health team and the mission to destigmatize E.D. I appreciate the holistic approach taken to provide care that goes way above and beyond just pharmaceuticals. The whole team is so hardworking and empowers each other to grow professionally and personally.
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Dr. Tyler Hendricks, MD

Medical Contributor

Dr. Hendricks is a board-certified Family Medicine practitioner. He is currently working to advance the telehealth movement by raising the bar for quality care online. He incorporates a fitness-based approach to focus on men’s health and wellness.

"As a physician passionate about both fitness and wellness, I believe sexual health is an integral part of our overall mental and physical well-being. More than 50% of men will experience symptoms of sexual dysfunction in their lifetime. Providing treatment, education and support for this condition allows more men to improve their quality of life. With the convenience of telehealth, I feel very fortunate to continue expanding access to care for thousands of men around the nation.”

Rugiet Ready in the Media

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